Wrench In the News

04-16-2016 Puget Sound Business Journal - Wrench's big idea: Car repair mechanics that come to you
01-01-2017 Seattle Business Magazine - Bright Idea: Mechanics Making House Calls
03-02-2017 San Diego Union Tribune - Wrench sends a mechanic to you
12-13-2017 Evening Magazine - Wrench makes the car mechanic come to you

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"Wrench was inexpensive compared to the dealership, hassle free, and completed at the house. I will be using Wrench as my mechanic and referring Wrench to my friends."
Jeff in Seattle
"My Wrench mechanic was incredibly professional and thorough. He took great care with my car. Can't imagine going back to a shop... this makes it so easy to get my car services done! Way to go Wrench!"
Doug in Seattle