Wrench Membership

Your car is one of your biggest investments, so why not take care of it! With a Wrench membership, you'll get a quarterly maintenance stop from a certified Wrench mechanic at your home or work. We'll keep your car in top shape so you can stay ahead of major repairs, saving you time and money. Download the app and join today!

What exactly is the membership?

  • Quarterly Visits at your home or office
    • 2 Oil Changes (on alternating visits)
    • 2 Tire Rotations (on alternating visits)
    • Fluid top offs
    • Safety inspection
    • And a vacuum and window cleaning!
  • Free labor on maintenance parts
    • Wipers, bulbs, and filters
  • 10% off all other Wrench Services
    • Brakes, alternator, water pump, you name it!
  • Monthly payment of $14.95/car and $19.95/truck
  • $5 discount for each additional car
  • Billing starts with first appointment
    • Schedule your appointment now and you
      won’t be billed until we complete the first job!

More About the Wrench Membership:

Imagine a world where car maintenance can be "set it and forget it". Well, Wrench is here to make that dream a reality! Wrench offers a membership for hassle free car maintenance – we come to you once a quarter to change your oil or rotate your tires, and perform a thorough safety inspection and fluid top offs. In addition to this, you get 10% off all wrench services (brakes, alternator, water pump, battery, starter, you name it!), and free labor for installation of wipers, light bulbs, and filters.
All Wrench mechanics are certified, professional, and background checked. They will give your car a thorough safety inspection every visit and keep notes on any potential issues that they will keep an eye on with each quarterly visit. If our mechanics find any additional services that your car needs, we will send you a quote for the service and you can easily book the follow on service appointment on the app.

Why Enroll in Wrench?

Think of the Wrench membership like getting your teeth cleaned, without the misery. By having a Wrench professional take a look under your hood every 3 months, you can keep your car well maintained and get ahead of issues before they become catastrophic. Wouldn’t you rather get a filling than a root canal? Same thing can happen with your car - its better and cheaper to get preventative maintenance than to end up expensive repairs.
No more excuses, because Wrench provides the ease of having your appointments at your home or office its a no brainer!

How Does the Membership Work?

You set up your membership with the cars you want serviced and the location and time of your first appointment. When your appointment rolls around, our certified mechanic will show up with all the necessary equipment to perform the service right in your driveway/garage or in your parking lot at work. You can go back to whatever you were doing while the mechanic services your cars. When the mechanic is done servicing and inspecting your car, he or she will also provide you with a detailed report on the condition of your car and send you a quote for any recommended services.
3 months later, we’ll come back and do it all over again. Your appointments are automatically scheduled, so you don’t have to remember to book your next appointment. We remind you of the appointment, with the ability to change it if needed.

"Wrench was inexpensive compared to the dealership, hassle free, and completed at the house. I will be using Wrench as my mechanic and referring Wrench to my friends."

Jeff in Seattle

Join the modern age of car maintenance and sign up with Wrench – you will be thrilled you did.